“The Benefits Of Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers.”

At Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers we understand that you spend a lot of time sourcing, negotiating and buying wholesale bathroom vanities, and fixtures to sell in your bathroom or plumbing business, or use in your developments.

As plumbers and bathroom renovators ourselves, finding quality suppliers of wholesale bathroom vanities can be a time consuming tedious process, which is why developers, retail bathroom stores, plumbers and others use Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers and why we exist.

Apart from being in the plumbing, bathroom and kitchen building and renovation industry for over 40 years, here’s a look at some of the benefits you’ll receive with us:

  1. Wholesale Bathroom Vanities & Fixtures – You can use our wholesale bathroom vanity and fixture services to acquire high quality bathroom vanities, mirrors and more for wholesale prices to reduce your purchasing costs, improve your bathrooms sales appeal and presentation while increasing your profit margins.

  2. We also have an authorized dealership of GI pipes International Industries Ltd (iil.com.pk), are an authorized dealership of Hyundai equipment, and have an overseas showroom exclusively showing our Kitchen and Bathroom products.

  3. Australian standard bathroom vanities and fixtures – Over the years we’ve had a fair share of clients who have come to us after buying non-Australian standard bathroom vanities and bathroom fixtures to save money. Sadly, many discover they cannot be used or sold. With Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers all our vanities and bathroom fixtures and products meet Australian Standards and have ISO 9001 certificates and FSC certificates.

  4. Brand your business – Using our wholesale plumbing and bathroom fixtures service you can brand your packaging with your logo, website and your contact details, which our retail customers love!

  5. Dealing with experts, not salespeople – At Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers we use the very same bathroom vanities, mirrors and cabinets you’ll find in our own new or remodel bathroom projects.

    We know our products are more durable for long term, what they can do and how they perform, so you’re not dealing with salespeople, you’re dealing with experts who have 40 years of experience in the plumbing and bathroom industry and supply.

  6. Every bathroom vanity imaginableBathroom Vanity Wholesalers have wall mounted and free standing vanities in a variety of different finishes, single basin or double basin, with drawers or cupboards, or both.

    Our vanities are also available in a wide range of colours. If there is something in particular that you are looking for but cannot see in our range, please give us a call on 1300 524 466 and we can quote on custom sizing and finishes so you get the exact bathroom vanity to suit your needs.

  7. Custom Order Specialist – Need a mixture of different bathroom vanities, mirrors and cabinet for your next apartment development, over 50s village or bathroom fixture retail store for the best price in Australia?

Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers in Punchbowl, Sydney, are your bathroom vanity custom order specialists. We have huge buying power for raw materials and can custom make or organise any combination of bathroom vanities, mirrors and cabinets you need at wholesale prices, saving you time, energy and money.

Other benefits our retail and commercial clients love about our service at Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers are:

  • Our extensive warranties
  • The high quality product finishes and choices
  • Our premium personal service, which includes support and after sales advice that are invaluable
  • And delivery to one or more locations in Australia

See the range and the prices now!

Having the incorrect measurements or selecting the wrong type of bathroom vanity, mirrors and fixtures, will hurt all your hard work, project and budget.

In fact, choosing the right bathroom vanity and fixtures is the difference between loving your bathroom and loathing it.

With direct wholesale prices, 40 years of experience in the bathroom and plumbing industry, extensive warranties, and Australia’s best priced and value for money bathroom vanities online, you can see the range and prices now.

Please claim your copy of our complimentary bathroom vanity guide by completing the form on this page and get immediate access to our high-quality bathroom vanity range, prices and warranties. You’ll be happy you did!