“About Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers.”

Hi, I’m Adnan Tariq, Founder of Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers, in Melbourne, Australia.

About Me

Chances are you’ve never heard of me before, but over the years I’ve achieved a lot professionally and personally, which I’m extremely proud of.

Among my many accomplishments, I have:

  • Completed a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours
  • Completed a Master of Human Resource Management at the Central Queensland University
  • And volunteered as a Human Resource Officer in a non-profit organisation.

More importantly, though, over the years, I’ve also solved, advised and instalLED every bathroom vanity and fixture you can imagine.

And what I’ve discovered through my decades of service in the plumbing and bathroom industry is that to be truly successful in creating your new bathroom you need to keep your eye on your budget, do solid research before making your final purchase, and use quality bathroom fittings that will stand up to the punishment you or your customers need them to take.

And that’s the proven approach my team and I will use for YOU!

When you use Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers, you’re not only getting experienced bathroom vanity and plumbing residential and commercial experts who can help you overcome the confusion about which bathroom vanity, mirrors, fixtures or décor may be right for you…

You’re also getting a focused and dedicated team of professionals who work to produce the best results, service and bathroom fixtures and vanities for you possible, including:

  • Being able to buy your bathroom vanity, mirrors and fixtures wholesale, so you save hundreds or thousands compared to if you were to buy the same or equal quality bathroom vanity from a traditional retailer.
  • We also have a huge range of cost effective vanities and fixtures to suit a wide range of people, budgets and purposes.

These include but are not limited to our basic MDF+PB with melamine finish bathroom vanities, that can be wall-hung and have soft-close hinge vanities, to our chrome finished vanities. These are all great options to fit our your next apartment development, over 50s village development, or to sell through your bathroom or plumbing retail business to your own customers who are on a budget.

We also have a great range of upmarket solid wood bathroom vanities. These are definitely the best choice for people who focus on quality as opposed to price. In my experience, nothing compares to the capabilities of good old Mother Nature when it comes to bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers solid wood vanities are made from birch, maple, oak, and poplar. These vanities are durable, long lasting, stunning to look and add value to your property and lifestyle.

See the range and the prices now!

Having the incorrect measurements or selecting the wrong type of bathroom vanity, mirrors and fixtures, will hurt all your hard work, project and budget.

In fact, choosing the right bathroom vanity and fixtures is the difference between loving your bathroom and loathing it.

With direct wholesale prices, 40 years of experience in the bathroom and plumbing industry, extensive warranties, and Australia’s best priced and value for money bathroom vanities online, you can see the range and prices now.

Please claim your copy of our complimentary bathroom vanity guide by completing the form on this page and get immediate access to our high-quality bathroom vanity range, prices and warranties. You’ll be happy you did!