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Need the best value for money quality bathroom vanities at wholesale prices for your next residential apartment development, bathroom vanity retail store or other project?

With Australia’s largest range of wholesale ceramic basins, mirror and side cabinets, LED bathroom lighting and everything your residential or commercial development or businesses needs to remodel a bathroom at a competitive price, look no further than Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers.

Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers is your one stop online destination for the best premium quality bathroom vanities with warranties, serving businesses across Australia.

With an enormous selection of the finest bathroom vanities, furniture and accessories, you’ll find the perfect piece for your new home bathroom design or bathroom remodelling projects.

And as more and more innovative and intriguing bathroom vanity styles, finishes and designs enter the market, demand for our bathroom cabinetry is higher than ever before.

Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers mission is simple: to offer you the finest collection of unique and exclusive luxury fixtures and furnishings so your bathroom has style and class, regardless of your budget.

What else can Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers deliver you?

Well, using our bathroom vanities will help you increase the value of your home or business and save you a lot of money and time. That’s because you’re buying direct from us as the wholesaler and we can supply everything you need in one service for any new bathroom or remodel.

You can choose from bathroom vanities with just one sink, a double bathroom vanity with two sinks and smart storage space, traditional styLED and farmhouse vanities, and everything in between. We can even tailor make your bathroom cabinets using our range of bathroom vanities without tops.

Plus, we use only the best of the best premium materials in our bathroom cabinetry. These include but are not limited to marble, hardwoods and attractive, durable hardwearing stones.

Need bathroom mirrors, LED lighting and more without paying the retail prices?

Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers are the experts in supplying bathroom vanities at wholesale prices, but our service to you goes way beyond that!

You can use our service to purchase a select range of vessel sinks, vanity mirrors and other bathroom fixtures that add style, presentation and functionality to wherever you use them.

From wood timber framed bathroom mirrors to polished framed mirrors, to melamine frame coloured bathroom mirrors, to lacquer and more, including bathroom mirrors and cabinets with LED lighting.

Our LED lighting is fantastic for adding that “finished touch” to truly complement your bathroom design for a very inexpensive price.

Whether you are building or renovating your home or business, Bathroom Vanity Wholesalers delivers style, class and sophistication with quality guaranteed, so transforming your bathroom isn’t a chore, it’s a wonderful exciting experience that will give you a return on your investment.

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Having the incorrect measurements or selecting the wrong type of bathroom vanity, mirrors and fixtures, will hurt all your hard work, project and budget.

In fact, choosing the right bathroom vanity and fixtures is the difference between loving your bathroom and loathing it.

With direct wholesale prices, 40 years of experience in the bathroom and plumbing industry, extensive warranties, and Australia’s best priced and value for money bathroom vanities online, you can see the range and prices now.

Please claim your copy of our complimentary bathroom vanity guide by completing the form on this page and get immediate access to our high-quality bathroom vanity range, prices and warranties. You’ll be happy you did!



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